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Cocoa Butter Buds®

Cocoa Butter Buds®

Cocoa Butter Buds® is an intense, concentrated powder made with real cocoa fat. Produced using our proprietary enzyme modification, Cocoa Butter Buds® provides formulators with a cost-effective cocoa powder that allows them to improve chocolate flavor like never before.

Chocolate’s rich flavor is based on an ideal 3-to-1 ratio of cocoa fat to cocoa solids. Most chocolate-flavored foods are made with cocoa powder that has a 1-to-9 (fat-to-solids) ratio, leaving an incomplete chocolate flavor. Until now, it has been impossible to add enough cocoa fat to balance the flavor without adversely affecting texture, processing, nutritional profile and cost.

Cocoa Butter Buds® allow formulators to achieve the elusive real-chocolate flavor they desire. Cocoa Butter Buds® round-out chocolate flavor and add rich, longer-lasting cocoa fat notes to any food or beverage where cocoa powder is used. With a typical usage of .5%, Cocoa Butter Buds® contributes less than .07% fat to the final formulation, yet provides complete chocolate flavor without adding significant fat or cost. Cocoa Butter Buds® is Kosher and Halal certified.

Cocoa Butter Buds® Product Listing

Product Name Characteristics Usage Levels Soluble

Cocoa Butter Buds

Medium cocoa butter middle notes with slight sweet, slight nutty base notes. 0.25 - 2.0% Water Soluble
  • ∞ Clean Label
  • µ Non-Dairy
  • ** Organic
  • € Sunflower Oil/Palm Oil/Canola Oil
  • % Uncolored